How It Works

A zone control system is a structure that is connected to your existing HVAC system, through which you can uphold different climates in different areas of your house. A zone control system consists of 3 basic mechanisms. These include a main control panel, several thermostats around the house, and electronic damper valves installed into the duct system.

The thermostats are installed in areas around the home where you would like to turn into a temperature zone. This could include different bedrooms, the living room, or the kitchen. The central control panel contains the hard wiring of both the thermostats and electronic dampers. When you want to change the temperature in any of your zones, the corresponding damper will open or close. Voila – with this system you can now have different climates in different rooms of your home.

Advantages of Using Zone Control in Downey, CA

By installing a zone control system, home and commercial property owners can have a variety of benefits. Perhaps after reading them, you will decide to add a zone system to your property. If this is the case, we are the right team to choose for the job.

  • Efficiency. This is the biggest advantage to installing a zoned system. If you want to heat or cool just one zone for instance, it can be done a lot quicker saving time and energy costs.
  • Ease of Use. It’s just as simple as using a single thermostat. The only difference is, each zone can choose its desired setting. Different members of the household or office like different climates. This allows for everyone to be comfortable at once, all the while keeping costs at a low.
  • Natural Wear. It’s clear that the harder your HVAC system has to work throughout the year, the more it will be worn down. By installing a zone control system, it will make it easier on the system. This will allow your heating and AC equipment to last longer.

We Service Zone Control Systems

Only with a trained professional can a zone control system be properly serviced. If it isn’t, you are sacrificing a successful operation of your home or office. Our technicians will work with you choose each zone carefully and place the thermostats in the most desired locations. We want to make sure you are satisfied at the end of the day.

Usually with this type of system, it doesn’t require a lot of routine work. When getting your heating and cooling system evaluated in the year however, it is wise to at least check on the system as well. We recommend our annual maintenance plan for this. Similar to any machine, your zone control system in Downey, CA may have issues over time. When it does, rely on us to get the job done correctly. We will make sure you get a quality repair. Contact us below for a free quote.

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