Need A Humidifier in Downey, CA

There are different pollutants that can diminish the air quality in your home. These can be fixed with a common filter, but it may not be enough to help with the humidity levels. If you begin to notice signs of increasingly dry air in your home or office in Downey, CA, contact us right away. We will ensure that you have the best humidifier for your property as quickly as possible. Here are the different warning signs of dry air.

  • Itchy & Dry Skin. It’s natural for your skin to be dry if the air around you is dry as well. You may notice being itchy, and in some worse cases, skin cracking and bleeding. Adding a humidifier will help solve these problems.
  • Bloody Noses & Sore Throats. A second symptom of having very dry air is having sore throats and bloody noses. If the air is dry, it can dry out your throat, nasal passages, and mucous membranes. You may experience getting sick a lot faster because of your body’s natural defense system weakening.
  • Cracks Developing in the House. Chipping paint, splitting floorboards, and cracked wallpaper are all signs of dry air in your home. Your body isn’t the only thing that can be affected by dry air! Your property can be affected negatively as well. Sensitive electronics can also be affected through static shocks from dry air. 

Using A Whole–House Dehumidifier

Another problem can be having too much humidity in your home. In Southern California, we run our air conditioners a lot, which tends to dehumidify the rooms. Still, using a proper dehumidifier may still be needed. We use the industry’s best dehumidifier specialists, so give us a call if you find your air to be too humid. Here are the signs of having too much humidity in your home or office.

  • Mold Growth or Water Damage. Having too much humidity in your home can make it easier for mold to thrive. Such biological pollutants do very well in very humid conditions. Keep an eye out for mold growth, or wet spots on your walls or carpeting.
  • Dampness. Do the rooms in your home feel damp or muggy even with the air conditioning on? If the answer is yes, then the dehumidifying effect of the A/C is not working, and your home may have high humidity. Matching the air conditioner with a dehumidifier should help its overall performance.
  • Twisted or Rotted Wood. Signs of wood rot or warping of the wood in your home can be caused by excessive humidity in the air. Be sure to watch wooden furniture in your home as well as the floorboards. Drying out the air sufficiently can protect your property.

Call for Humidifier and Dehumidifier Repairs and Installations

What’s better than dragging around a portable unit and emptying water collection tanks? Using a whole-house humidifier and dehumidifier, of course! You can count on our team to make sure whether you actually need one. If so, our professional staff will get the job done the right way.

We will ensure that the system is sized and fitted correctly to your property. Not only this, but we can also integrate it into the existing HVAC system as well! Need a repair or installation for your dehumidifier in Downey, CA? Contact us below and we will get the job done right!

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