The Way a Heat System Works

A heat pump works for both an air conditioner and the heating system. It’s simply the way heat is transferred. For the central air conditioning, the indoor coil of the system evaporates the refrigerant inside. The heat is drawn out of the air, and the refrigerant is condensed in the outdoor unit. Then, the heat is vented into the air outside through the condenser coils.

A heat pump can reverse its operation as well. Conventional air conditioners can’t do this. As a heater however, the heat pump can change its operation through its reversing valve. How does it work? Well, the operation of the coils reverses the flow of the refrigerant to make the outdoor coils behave like evaporator coils. This allows the the coils to absorb heat from the outside air through the evaporating refrigerant. This refrigerant is condensed indoors which creates the heat used to warm your home. Some may note that it doesn’t yield as much heat as a furnace does, but it is much more dynamic and efficient.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

The most obvious benefit is that it is more cost efficient to use one system for your home during the whole year. The other benefits – besides replacing your air conditioning system and heating system – we’ll go ahead and explain below.

  1. Efficiency. This is the main advantage of using a heat pump, and could be the key value for most homeowners. During the process of using a one, only a small quantity of electricity is used. This makes the system more efficient in heating your home.
  2. Comfort. Heat pumps might make it easier to use since there is only one system controlling your home temperature. The system runs in a longer cycle as it manages the climate inside your house, which makes for a more consistent environment. Furthermore, the heat pump also decreases the amount of humidity in the summer.

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