The furnace is an essential part of homes and offices. Once the cold season starts, it brings us the needed warmth to keep us comfortable. Your heater is designed to work efficiently over several years, but they all eventually need to be repaired. When this happens your best bet is to choose a professional repair service like UM Air. We can set you up with a maintenance schedule so you can count on us to keep your unit running at peak efficiency throughout the entire winter.

furnace-repair-downey-caIf we cannot repair your unit, we will help find the best furnace that fits your home, specific situation, and budget. We can install complete heating systems, standalone furnaces, outdoor heating units, and even heat pumps. We want to make sure your home is ready for the bitter winters.

Furnace Preventive Maintenance Service

Furnaces tend to serve homes for 10 to 15 years. For the furnace to operate at its best, a preventive maintenance plan is essential to make sure it is working at an optimum level. Our team provides excellent cleaning, troubleshooting and performance checking of your current furnace. Even if your plan ends, we make sure to provide recommendations afterwards because we care about the equipment at your home or office.

Why Choose UM Air?

Your comfort is our priority. Our well-equipped team is trained to deliver the best service to cater to your needs. If you opt with our maintenance plan, our services won’t end there. We provide guidance on the best maintenance practices for your equipment when you need it. Contact us below for a free inspection today!

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