Evaporative coolers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional air conditioners. Unlike systems that use refrigerants, evaporative coolers use a process that cools the air using water and motion. They are available at a lower price and are proven to be more energy efficient. These coolers are also most effective in dry climates where it’s hot and humidity is low. They can be used for residential homes as well as larger commercial buildings. For environmental friendly consumers, evaporative cooling is the best solution for keeping air at a low temperature without harming the environment. Contact us to learn more about this solution.

evaporative-cooler-um-airHow An Evaporative Cooler Works

Evaporative cooling works by passing air through wet filter pads and cooling it down. Then, it distributes fresh air throughout your home. It works by taking advantage of a natural process.

For example, you immediately feel a chill in your body when you come out of a pool on a hot day. This cooling effect occurs because water is absorbed by the dry air as it passes over the water. Similarly, the temperature in a room is cooled when the water vapor balances with the air around it. Also, an evaporative cooler will consistently cool any of your rooms. It draws stale, warm air into the unit using a fan where it is cooled by passing over warm moisture pads. The air is cooled by 20 degrees during this process. The key for an evaporative cooler to work effectively is dry, hot air found in areas like Downey, CA. 

Expert Installation of Evaporative Coolers

We offer evaporative cooling in different designs that are suitable for your home. Each of our plans can be easily shifted from room to room. More importantly, it requires only moderate to minor set up, such as window mounting or placement of air filters. We offer annual maintenance plans to make sure your system never fails as well. You can rely on our experienced HVAC technicians for all types of A/C installations. 

Why Choose Us?

Whether you are adding evaporative cooling to a large warehouse or replacing your home’s cooler, we have the expertise and right equipment to get the job done. If your cooler is not producing the results you want, contact us below to access your unit and make all the necessary fixes. We pride ourselves on our professional and prompt service!

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