Unlike traditional AC units, a ductless mini split system does not use air ducts. Rather, there are individual blowers in your home that are connected to an outdoor unit. Each room can take a separate blower depending on your needs. There is a simple conduit that stays connected to the blowers that contain power, refrigerant, and drainage lines (if need be). Usually, an outdoor unit can accommodate up to four blowers.

Each indoor unit is controlled separately from each other. This means that you can heat or cool two different rooms at once! Since ductless mini splits use heat pump technology, you can get both in one system. This is just one advantage you get when you go ductless.

Advantages of Ductless Heating & Air Conditioning

Heat pumps can do many things, and the one in a ductless mini split is no exception. During the warmer months, the system acts like a regular air conditioner. Refrigerant is evaporated indoors, and the cool air is blown into the house. The difference with this type of system is that the wall-mounted units manage this themselves instead of relying on one central unit with ductwork.

In the winter, the process is reversed. Heat from the air outside is absorbed as refrigerant is evaporated and compressed. The hot refrigerant makes its way to the blowers, where it is condensed and used to heat the house. Voila! That’s two processes in one unit. This operation has three benefits.


  • Performance. There can’t be any leaks without any ductwork. So, this increases efficiency. Also, this method of transferring heat in the colder months uses very little electricity. This means that no new heat is generated, which really enhances heating efficiency.
  • Air Quality. By removing ductwork, you decrease the chances of outside pollutants getting into the system. With yards of ducts inside your attic, it can get pretty messy over time and cause concern. This will also eliminate those same pollutants from finding its way in other parts of the house.
  • Comfort. Each room can have its own mini split system. This means that the temperature can be set to each of your family members’ comfort. Yes, you can also heat and cool two different rooms at once! This will also help remove energy costs as well.

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