Many owners in the Los Angeles area have noticed a loss in their heating and cooling power. This has encouraged them to test their ducts for efficiency. The air moving through the ducts in a home can deplete as much as 30% through air leaks. As you can see, this reduces the efficiency of many heating and air conditioning systems to only 60% to 75%. Most homeowners don’t even realize how their HVAC power is affected due to their ducts! Air leaks like these are difficult to pinpoint and discover. This is why it takes a professional duct testing team like UM Air to do this job. Contact us today if you need your system inspected.

When To Test & Seal Leaky Ducts

The first symptom of a leaky duct would be a drop in heating and cooling power. This might also include unexpected hikes in utility bills and rattling noises when your system is running. This is because your system will have to run harder to get the home to reach the desired temperature. Some rooms may become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter due to a faulty system as well. Moreover, leaky ducts may lead to cold and hot spots appearing around the house. If the ducts haven’t been sealed, air that you have paid to heat or cool escapes before reaching your living room.

Once the problem in your ducts have been identified, UM Air can provide the right sealing. We work hard to find the solution the problem. We tend to apply duct mastic, a common sealant, on ductwork to eliminate air leakage through seams and gaps in the system. It hardens as it dries and creates a strong and long-lasting cover over the leak. The system operates much more effectively and all the rooms in your home remain at the same temperature once these leaks are sealed. 

Expert Duct Testing & Sealing

Airflow testing and duct sealing have proven to be the primary method to improve HVAC quality and comfort. You will notice lower energy bills and a more comfortable home environment when you have a properly sealed and insulated duct system.  At UM Air, we specialize in airflow testing and duct sealing to keep your home’s HVAC system operating as smoothly as possible.

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Testing ducts is a task only trained technicians with the right equipment can handle correctly. If you need the right duct testing service for your home, call our professionals to do it for you. Our technicians will inspect your home or office for free and recommend the best solution to keep your costs low!

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