A dual fuel system is great for saving energy when the climate ranges often between the day and night. Changing temperatures in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County regions sometimes make traditional systems lose efficiency Residents repairing or installing a new HVAC system are encouraged to choose dual fuel systems while keeping a long-term mindset. To find out what is ideal for your home, schedule an appointment with our experienced consultation team at UM Air Inc.

dual-fuel-system-um-airHow Does A Hybrid Dual Fuel System Work?

A normal heat pump transfers heat from outside of the house to the inside. But at extremely lower temperatures, the unavailability of heat outside leads to insufficient heating inside. Thus, a dual fuel system is made up of a heat pump that is fitted with a gas furnace that uses an alternate fuel source to provide the necessary heat. It automatically switches on when the temperature drops below 35°F and switches off when the temperature rises, saving you the trouble of manual resetting. This additional installation is a cost-effective solution in comparison to a boiler or a full furnace. In the summer, the heat pump also doubles up as a high-efficient air-conditioner.

Proficient Installation

Almost one out of every three homes in the US is using the conventional heat pump. However, considering the level of comfort and cost-effectiveness a hybrid fuel system offers, residents throughout California are inclining more towards it. For the system to function effectively, it must be expertly installed in the home. Our experts at UM Air will provide just the right kind of solution. We do a thorough analysis by taking in the size of the home to determine the heating/cooling capacity. We also examine local electricity and natural gas rates to install the right size and the best quality system. You can call us during our office hours to schedule a visit at your convenience.

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Almost every mechanical system needs to be regularly maintained and serviced for long-term usage and proper efficiency. Dual Fuel Systems are no different and failing to do so will degrade the life of the equipment and compromise on comfort and safety. At UM Air we offer the option of choosing a maintenance program to ensure maximum efficiency of your system. Our skilled technicians know the systems inside out. So contact us below to ensure the best service!

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