In order to completely cool your home, using a window air conditioner is not the most effective way to do so. It may definitely be cheaper to install these units on your own. However, your property is left without protection as a result. These units tend to be a nuisance in terms of noise and can break down easily. If you are ready to cool your home more efficiently, a central air conditioner in Downey, CA can be a better choice.

A central unit allows you to cool the entire house without doing extra work every season by installing a hefty unit in your window. Rely on UM Air to set up and service your central AC correctly. It is better not to gamble on your new central air conditioning installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance service. Doing this process the right way can save money down the road.

ac-service-um-airHow A Central A/C System Works

A common misconception is that air conditioners work by blowing cool air into a room. This is not the case. Rather, it works by removing the existing heat from your home. The new air that is cooled is then dispersed throughout your house through the A/C ducts. It might be worth wondering how the heat is removed from the air in the first place.

Your central A/C system utilizes special refrigerant to carry out this job. In particular, it evaporates refrigerant in the indoor (evaporator) coil. The hotter refrigerant then goes through the ducts to find its way into the outside unit. The outdoor unit behaves as a condenser, with the refrigerant giving off the accompanying heat into the air outside. Condenser coils in the outdoor unit smooth this process so that hot refrigerant is not left to accumulate in the unit.

The Requirements of Proper Central Air Unit Installation

Though it might be easy to fit a window unit yourself, installation of a central air system requires professional service. Many things come into consideration, such as the size of your home and rooms in order to properly choose the right unit. Each home is unique in its needs. With our experience, UM Air will select the most efficient and sustainable system for you.

It isn’t just about installing the A/C unit. Setting up a central system involves running ductwork throughout the home to every room, and the different units both indoor and outdoor. Since this is a substantial task, it requires qualified and experienced professionals. UM Air will be able to provide a headache-free installation for your new A/C system.

We Will Ensure Your Central System Is Working Correctly

The technicians at UM Air Conditioning stand out in not just setting up your system, but servicing all your components so that they continue to work properly. As inevitable wear and tear happen gradually, your system will require some maintenance in the future. For this we recommend choosing our annual maintenance plan. If at any moment you notice something wrong with your system near Downey, CA, be sure to contact us below. We will make sure we get the job done well!

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