Choosing the Right Air Filter in Downey, CA

The air filters in your HVAC systems are great at catching dust, dirt, and other pollutants in the air. In general, you want to replace these filtration systems every 6 months or so. The thing is, they are not designed to boost the air quality in any way. Instead, the filters are only there as a first layer of protection from airborne pollutants.

In order to really make the air in your home better, you will need a more advanced filter. The one we recommend is the Perfect 16 air filtration system. This filter is more efficient and effective in trapping pollutants that can be as small as .003 microns. Despite preventing toxins at the microscopic level, it has very little airflow resistance. It can even boost your overall HVAC performance!

We Install UV Air Purifiers

Usually, an advanced filter is enough to vastly improve indoor air quality levels. Electronic air purifiers can be used to rid your home or office for pollutants more directly, but there are also other solutions. Different impurities in the air call for alternative approaches! In some cases, a UV air purifier may be necessary.

Biological contaminants call for the use of UV air purifiers. These pollutants are living microorganisms, including viruses, mold, and bacteria. They are too small for most filtration systems to trap. They are also able to reproduce. That means that they can still surge even if stuck on the filtering material.

UV (ultraviolet) light, also known as germicidal lights, will not simply trap the contaminants. They exterminate them. The lights are installed in the air handler, and the UV that emits from them make the pollutants unable to continue thriving. Of course, the pets and people in your home are completely safe from these lights. To microscopic organisms though, the lights are destructive.

We Can Install Your Air Filtration and Air Purification System

If you are ready to connect an air filter or air purifier in your home or office, call on us to get the job done right. A completely satisfactory job is guaranteed when you work with us. We will recommend you exactly the system you need. This includes the Perfect 16 filtration instrument and even some of the popular UV lights on the market. We have what is necessary to improve your air quality.

The filtration systems only need minimal maintenance. At the same time, they should still be evaluated during regular assessments of your HVAC components. If you find that indoor air quality is dropping, it might that your IAQ systems are having operational problems. If this is the case, contact us below at once for an better air filter or air purifier in Downey, CA.

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